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Moran Bercovici - headshot.jpg

Moran Bercovici heads the Microfluidic Technologies Laboratory.

He is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, holds a secondary appointment at the Faculty of  Biomedical Engineering, and is affiliated with the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute and with Technion Integrated Cancer Center.

Aliza Shultzer

Administrative Assistant 
Aliza is in charge of all administrative aspects of the lab. She holds a BSc in Biology, Hebrew University and a Master's degree in Biology and Physiology, University of Provence (France). 

Dr. Maya Bar Dolev

New senior researcher in the lab. Maya specialized in the field of protein biophysics and cryobiology. Her Ph.D. is in biochemistry/structural biology with two postdoc positions in nano-biotechnology research.

Omer Luria

Omer holds a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tel Aviv University and is leading our planned parabolic flight test for fluidic lenses.

Ran Eshel

Ran is a PhD student working on actuation of elastic surfaces using non-uniform electroosmotic flow.

Vesna Bacheva

Vesna Bacheva is a PhD student working on fluid manipulation using Field-Effect Electro-osmosis (co-advised by Dr. Govind Kaigala, IBM Research - Zurich)

Mor Elgarisi

Mor Elgarisi is an MSc student working on fluid shaping of optical components. 

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Dr. Khaled Gommed

Lab Engineer

Khaled holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and is an expert in mechanical designs, from microfabricaiton processes to large scale thermal system. 

Dr. Sivan Perl

Ph.D. | Nanotechnology Engineer

New Senior Researcher in the Lab. Sivan is an experienced multidisciplinary R&D leader with expertise in chemistry, biology, nanotechnology and engineering.

Baruch Rofman

Baruch is a PhD student studying electroomostic flows on superhydrophobic surfaces. 

Daniel Widerker

Daniel is a Ph.D student, working on development of novel methods of bio-integrated 3D printing. 

(co-advised by Dr. Govind Kaigala, IBM Research - Zurich)

Israel Gabay

Israel Gabay is a Master students working on on experimental and theoretical fluid-structure interaction using electrokinetic mechanisms.

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Group picture - 2020


Group picture - 2018

Group picture 2018.jpg

Group picture - 2016


Group Alumni


Valeri Frumkin

Postdoc 2020


Evgeniy Boiko

Ph.D. 2020


Nadya Ostromohov

Ph.D. 2019

Federico Paratore_edited_edited.jpg

Federico Paratore

Ph.D. 2019


Tally Rosenfeld Broder

Ph.D. 2019


Xander van Kooten

Ph.D. 2019

Jonathan Avesar

Jonathan Avesar

Ph.D. 2018

Tal Zeidman.jpg

Tal Zeidman Kalman

Ph.D. 2018

Shimon Rubin.JPG

Shimon Rubin

Postdoc 2017

Rebecca Khalandovsky

Rebecca Khalandovsky

M.Sc. 2017

Ayalon Levi.jpg

Ayalon Levi

M.Sc. 2016

Ofer Dagan.png

Ofer Dagan

M.Sc. 2016


Nethanel Ganor

M.Sc. 2015

Rita Vilensky.jpg

Rita Vilensky

Ph.D. 2015

Ortal Schwartz.jpg

Ortal Schwartz

M.Sc. 2015

Merav Karsenty resize.jpg

Merav (Karsenty) Belenkovich

M.Sc. 2014

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