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ERC - Metamorph Chip

About the project

The Metamoprph project aims to develop and demonstrate a new concept for a single-cell-level bioanalytical workspace that is dynamically configurable in real time. By using electrokinetically driven surface deformations (EDSD), a physical mechanism recently invented in our lab, microfluidic structures may be created or destroyed in real-time allowing cells to be introduced, separated, reunited, or removed, and liquids to be selectively introduced to, removed from, or moved between specific cells, either based on a predetermined program or more importantly – on demand (by the researcher, or an image processing algorithm), based on the state of the experiment at any time point. This workspace will be implemented in a microfluidic chip format, which we term the MetamorphChip. Successful implementation of the project would fundamentally change the way in which single-cell experiments are conceived and performed, by bringing the experimental flexibility and real-time, on-demand access and manipulation of the experimental sample available in tissue-culture-scale biology to the single-cell level.

The ERC team

Moran Bercovici

Moran is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, and head of the Microfluidic Technologies Laboratory.   He serves as the Coordinator for the project, and is the academic adviser of the PhD trainees. 

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Hila Rabi

Administrative Assistant 
Hila is in charge of all administrative aspects of the ERC project

Dr. Valeri Frumkin

Valeri is a postdoctoral researcher working on alternative actuation mechanics using thermocapillary flows.

Ran Eshel

Ran is a Master student working on actuation of elastic surfaces using non-uniform electroosmotic flow.

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Dr. Khaled Gommed

Lab Engineer

Khaled holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and is in charge of all microfabrication processes for the project. 

Evgeniy Boyko

Evgeniy is a PhD student working on modeling viscous-elastic interactions induced by various forcings, and in particular non-uniform electroomotic flow.

Israel Gabay

Israel Gabay is an undergraduate student in Mechanical engineering working on deformation of elastic surfaces using electrokinetic actuation. 

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​Peer-reviewed journal publications
Conference presentations
  • E. Boyko, M. Bercovici, and A. D. Gat, "Flow of power-law liquids in a Hele-Shaw cell driven by non-uniform electro-osmotic slip in the  case  of strong depletion", 69th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of  Fluid  Dynamics,   Portland,   Oregon, Nov 20-22, 2016.

  • A. D. Gat, E. Boyko, and M. Bercovici, “Viscous-elastic dynamics of power-law fluids within an elastic cylinder”, 69th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics,  Portland, Oregon, November 20-22,   2016.

  • M. Bercovici, E. Boyko, and A. D. Gat, "Deformations of a pre-stretched elastic membrane driven by non-uniform electro-osmotic flow”, 69th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics, Portland, Oregon, November20-22, 2016.

  • E. Boyko, S. Rubin, A.D. Gat, and M. Bercovici, ”Flow and deformation patterning with
    non-uniform electro-osmotic slip”, Basheva de Rothschild Seminar on Physics of Microfluidics, Sde Boker, January 3-8, 2017. 

  • V. Frumkin, and M. Bercovici, “Elastic deformations driven by the thermocapillary effect”, Flow17 Micro and nanofluidics fundamentals and applications, Paris, France, July 3-5, 2017.

  • R. Eshel, E. Boyko, K. Gommed, and M. Bercovici, “Experimental study of elastic deformation driven by electro-osmotic flow”, Paris, France, July 3-5, 2017.

  • E. Boyko, A. Gat, and M. Bercovici, Deformations of a pre-stretched and lubricated finite elastic sheet”, Paris, France, July 3-5, 2017.


  • Rubin S., Bercovici M., Gat A., “Dynamic microfluidic devices and the use thereof”, Provisional Patent Application, September 2015.

  • Rotschild C., Bercovici M., Rubin S., Frumkin V., “Device and method for spatial light modulation based on a fluidically actuated elastic sheet”, Provisional Patent Application, March 2017.

  • Bercovici M., Frumkin V., “Thermally-actuated devices and use thereof”, Provisional Patent Application, March 2017.

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